Digital Media

We bring a rigorously meticulous approach.

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Opus Communication is a full-service advertising agency.

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Public Relations

Opus PR ensures that our clients’ people, campaigns.

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Web Development

Our focus and expertise is on the design and development.

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Our Skills

Social Media
Digital Solutions
Web Development
Business & Strategy

Data and Media Operations

We believe that media is content. Data informs it. Digital drives it. This strategic thinking ensures we develop and execute best in class marketing solutions that set our clients and their brands apart in dramatic, measurable ways.

Brand Planning & Strategy

By positioning brands within consumer culture, we create attraction based on shared attitudes, values and beliefs. This anthropological approach allows us to immerse ourselves in your consumer’s world so we can make your brand a part of it.

Data and Analytics

We take a dynamic, real‑time approach to assessing how well your marketing is working and where your money can be best spent. These data driven insights fuel continuous learning and enable us to strategically and measurably enhance performance.


We develop and execute bold, fearless campaigns that traverse all media to engage people where they live, laugh, chat, eat, breathe, drink, sleep, surf, share, roam and yes spend.

Solutions Management

From the seemingly conventional to the downright unprecedented, we work hand in hand with clients to identify or design solutions that can meet their unique business needs. Then we provide the expert guidance, instruction and support to help them use these tools to the fullest.


Stewarding technology to the forefront of our work to create platform rich experiences and solutions, our development team architects, builds and optimizes consumer experiences across all digital channels and mediums.



  • I’ve worked with some really good partners with Opus that bring their “A” game every day. They help me think of things in a different way, and hopefully, help my team think of things in a different way.

  • With Opus, I get straightforward, high quality capable people without having to worry about some flashy infrastructure that is behind them. I feel like I have a real partner.